Circular Skirts


Full circle,half circle or double circle how much flare do you dare?!


The Half Circle creates a very nicely flared A-line which naturally doesn't have quite the exuberance of the other circle styles but makes a really super Maxi skirt.


The Circle skirt has retained favour since it's 1950s heyday.The fullness it gives is perfect for petticoats but will you resist the lure of the Poodle applique?


The Double Circle makes a wonderfully full skirt.Bordering on the ostentatious this is definitely one for the girl who loves a lot of fabric to swish!


In this class you will draft your very own skirt pattern to make it the perfect fit.


SKILL LEVEL: Beginners onwards.The maths isn't as hard as you'd think we promise.


REQUIREMENTS: You will need 3-6 metres of fabric depending on the width of the fabric,the finished length of your skirt and your choice of circle,we will be happy to advise you when you book.You will also need a 6-8 inch zip.



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