Patchwork Play Mat / Quilt

Made with love,create a patchwork quilt for when the family's newest member is allowed a bed of their very own or to use as a play mat.


SKILL LEVEL: Confident machinists and experienced patchworkers should get through this project in the day class.Beginners can attend this class,you might however want to cut your sqaures before hand to give you more time for constructing the quilt in the class.


REQUIREMENTS: The finished quilt made in this class is 30" X 42"  You will need an assortment of fabrics to create your patchwork and a length of fabric for the backing.Wadding backed cotton sateen is provided in the cost of the class for the quilting.

In it's most basic form the quilt is made of 35 x 6" (finished) squares which means squares need to be cut at 6.5". Of course you can make the squares up of more complicated patchwork blocks,however if you choose to do so it is advised you do some preparatory work before the class to ensure you will be able to complete the quilt in the time.If you have any queries feel free to get in touch.

CLASS DETAILS: 6 Hours  £45



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