Ever popular,bunting can be found fluttering over any number of events or occasions.

For beautifully finished bunting we have chosen to make bagged out flags for this project so get ready to put your pivoting in to practise as well as your binding.

Whatever your reason come and make a string of lovely flags in a choice of sizes in your colours and fabric.Will you make a standard flag,mini or tiny shelf bunting?You can add extra decoration by inserting pom pom trim,which is becoming a favourite of ours or lace in to the binding or stitching a trim along the top.



SKILL LEVEL: Beginners onwards.


REQUIREMENTS:The pattern and a choice of bias binding from the haberdashery stock to hang your flags from are provided as part of the class however if you have a very specific colour scheme you may wish to bring your own binding.

1 metre of non stretch fabric will be plenty of fabric.However if you want to mix up your fabrics/colours/patterns then why not bring a selection of fat quarters.

One fat quarter will make 4 complete flags in the larger size or 9 of the smaller flags.We recommend making a string of 12 of the larger flag which you would get from 3 Fat Quarter or 18 in the smaller size which would take 2 Fat Quarters.

Remember that one way patterns will take additional fabric if you want the pattern to be the correct way up on both sides of your flag.


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