Present Sacks

Sometimes a Stocking just isn't big enough for those festive goodies! Or perhaps you have something which is a bit awkward to wrap with paper and tape.So why not learn to whip up a lovely drawstring bag in any size you like?


Slightly simpler in construction than the fancy French seamed bag we make in the Drawstring Bag class with this project we make use of a facing technique to create the channel for your ribbon/s and there's opportunity to add embellishment with pom pom trim or you could personalise your sack with an appliqued initial?


SKILL LEVEL: Beginners onwards.

REQUIREMENTS: The amount of fabric you need will depend of course on the size sack you would like to make.The red sack pictured used half a metre of fabric and the green bag,which would happily hold two bottles of fizz,was made from a fat quarter.Bring any festive trims you would like to use too.

There is a small selection of fabrics, trimmings and ribbons available to purchase at the school.


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