Zip Up Cushion


Add to your home’s soft furnishings with this zip fastening cushion cover with the option to pipe the seams too. As with the Envelope Cushion Cover you can keep your fabric choices simple or trim to your heart’s content.

You'll make your own pattern for your cushion cover and we'll be using a concealed zip for this project as it gives the cushion a lovely finish.



SKILL LEVEL: Beginners onwards, stitching in a straight line is all you need to know. So don’t be put off by putting in a zipper, this project is a great way to learn how if you haven't done it before.


REQUIREMENTS: A cushion pad, the fabric and any trimmings of your choice or select from those available to purchase at the school.We have a selection of concealed zips available in the haberdashery however colours are limited.



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