Notebook Cover

Another of our favourite things!

Start by personalising a notebook and before you know it you might have a whole range of bespoke stationery.

Perhaps you'd like to theme your cover for a specific subject or event. We've made a lovely cover (if we do say so ourselves) for the sewing school's diary using a gorgeous haberdashery print fabric. So maybe you'd like to make something special for a holiday, wedding, photo album or scrapbook.

Dig out those fabrics you've been saving and make something for your self or make a gift for someone /everyone.

There are a choice of details you can add to the inside of your cover including a pen loop and pocket,you can of course do them all!


SKILL LEVEL:  This project is a great opportunity to practise binding.It is a little fiddly for the novice but we're here to talk you through it so don't be put off and it's a great skill to acquire.


REQUIREMENTS: A note book of your choice, fabric and binding. There is a selection of fabrics and bindings to purchase in the haberdashery. A fat quarter will be enough to make the cover but if you would like to use a contrast fabric for the inside and a pocket bring a choice. The binding can be done using bias binding or by cutting strips of fabric.

We do have a selection of fabrics and bindings available to purchase in the school's haberdashery.




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