Class Ideas

Classes are run as student's choice so if you want and Introduction to.... class or are already able to get stitching it is entirely your decision what to do with your class time. Please read the Attending School page for how to book a class and information on coming to the sewing school.


You may already have a particular sewing project in mind but if not you might fancy making one of the projects amongst our lists of possible projects.


 A wide assortment of sewing techniques are covered within the suggested projects and many can be made with further adaptations so there's something for all skill levels.

We will keep adding project ideas so do check back from time to time.


There is a collection of fabrics and trimmings available in the Haberdashery which can be purchased to create your projects. Do feel free to contact us if you’d like any help choosing the best fabrics for any of your projects


Please read the Attending School page for useful information about booking, attending and cancellations etc.


 Space to Sew

 It is possible to book time in the workroom with use of the machines,tools and other equiment. So if you just need space to sew, use of a machine and a large table for cutting out your latest project or laying out those quilt layers etc get in touch and treat yourself to some sewing time!


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