Beaded Tassels

Transform simple tassesls in to beaded treasures.

Using Peyote stitch we will create a beaded collar for your tassel which can then be embellished as elaborately as you wish. This is a lovely project to finally use that little packet of beads you just couldn't resist or perhaps have rescued from a damaged garment.

Often used to adorn keys,tassels make lovely decorations for the home and clothing or used as bag charms and of course a beaded tassel or two or three or more would be a suitably sparkly hanging from a Christmas Tree.


SKILL LEVEL: Beginners onwards.This is all hand stitching so if you can use a needle and thread you will be fine.



The base tassel is included in the class,please note colour options can be limited.

Bring any beads you have which you would like to use,seed beads/ rocailles , bugle beads and other small beads are suitable for this project.Larger beads can be used to hang from the ends of beaded dangles around the tassel.​It will also be possible to purchase beads for the project at the school.

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